Amiti’s Founders

Allwell Opuala-Charles

Allwell was born and raised in Nigeria. He is an alumni from the University of Bristol and Westminster. From his background, he understands the biases minorities face in the western world and has a drive to help fix these issues. Allwell is also a fashion enthusiast.

Through both these hobbies, Allwell helped create Amiti in order to help those who face discrimination in society because they are different, while also fulfilling his passion of creating good quality jewellery.

Allwell has previous experience helping those less privileged than him as he has tutored: GCSE Mathematics at ‘SieveMK’, Debating to disadvantaged year 7/8/9 students at ‘Debate Mate’ and University students at his other organisation ‘OC-Markets’.
Gabriella Dunn

Gabriella is a History of Art Graduate from the University of Bristol. She has a passion for jewellery and fashion but also is dedicated to trying to make our society a better place. Her dissertation was on the racial injustice within fashion magazines, focusing on the lack of Black Women in British Vogue.

Gabriella helped create the idea behind Amiti as she is deeply saddened and angered by the huge amount of people in the UK who face discrimination everyday and wanted to raise as much money as possible for charities that help tackle this injustice.

By supporting Amiti you will help many people all over the UK facing discrimination.